A luxury home built by Clairville Homes comes with a luxury experience.

Luxury means freedom from worry or stress. It’s knowing your needs are being anticipated and taken care of by a team of professionals, dedicated to delivering what you want. It’s about enjoying the ride.

This is what you can expect when you build your new home with Clairville. With years of experience designing and building superior quality homes, we’ve developed a streamlined process to ensure no detail is overlooked. You’ll always know exactly what is happening at every stage of the build.

We consider every aspect of your home’s construction – the size and contour of your block, your lifestyle needs, your aspirations and budget – to create a beautiful home that exemplifies great value and outstanding living.

Step-By-Step Design & Build Process

Initial Consultation

In our first meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to meet our Adelaide team and ask questions. We’ll get the chance to find out who you are and what sort of home you need. At this stage, we might discuss preliminary options and each come away with ideas to follow up before the next step.

Design Meeting

This is where your new home design really starts to take shape! Now we know whether you’re a growing family that needs lots of shared activity space, or a social couple who love to entertain guests at home, we can present a range of custom design solutions that deliver all the practical aspects you need.

Selections Consultation

Once the floorplans for your new luxury home are decided, we’ll help you choose the perfect materials, finishes and fixtures to use throughout. From your home’s exterior, to every room within, you’ll have expert advice on hand to help you style your new home and tie everything together – inside and out.

Final Price Quote

Now that every detail of your new home design has been discussed, planned and finalised, we can provide a comprehensive fixed price quote tailored to your budget and design choices. You’ll know exactly what costs to expect at every stage, for a smooth, seamless experience.
Had a change of mind on one of your selections? Not to worry, should you feel that any changes need to be made during your selections period, we are more than happy to create a variation to the fixed price quote, aligning all the to costs to your desired changes*.
*Please note: Variation fees may apply and subject to availability.

Contract Signing

At the contract signing, we’ll go through all documentation with you to make sure everything is in order. We’ll outline the schedule and deliverables for your progress payments, and you’ll have a 7 day cooling off period to review the contract and ensure you’re completely confident to proceed.

Selections Appointment/ Meeting with Suppliers

After deciding upon the finishes and products for your home, we’ll arrange for you to meet the suppliers appointed to provide and install your selections. We ensure they understand the styling choices for you home and make the best recommendations to achieve your look and feel you want.


Step back and see your custom home design come to life. Your dedicated building supervisor will keep you up-to-date across the build, while also managing the various contractors and suppliers onsite throughout to ensure your project stays on time and within budget.


Welcome to your new home! Without a doubt, handover is the most rewarding and exciting stage of the build. We introduce you to all the features, relevant documentation and manuals for your home and address any questions you may have, before leaving you to explore everything in more detail.

Three Month Maintenance

We take every care to ensure your new home is completed to the highest standard. To give you further peace of mind, we provide a three month maintenance period so once you and your house have had a chance to settle, any defects or issues not apparent prior to handover can be addressed.

Build With Confidence

No matter where you choose to build in Adelaide, the team at Clairville will help you streamline the process and look after the details. With years of experience liaising with industry bodies, certifiers, trades, suppliers, councils and other vested parties, we know how to cut through the red tape and get your build underway, taking care of:

  • Land Divisions
  • Property Design
  • Planning and Building Approvals
  • Project Management

A successful build relies on great planning and execution at every stage. Whether you’re building your family home, downsizing into something more manageable, creating an investment property or sub-dividing an existing block, Clairville Homes makes it a breeze.